More About Our Carpet Cleaning Service

Brothers Carpet Service - Newport Beach is a reputable cleaning company established decades ago. Based in Newport Beach, CA, we proudly offer our upholstery and carpet cleaning services to the members of the local community. On this page, we would like to focus on our carpet cleaning service and give you some information that you may need. So if you are curious to know more, keep reading.

Carpets are the most popular kind of house flooring that every household prefers due to their warm and soft feel. Unfortunately, frequent vacuuming is not enough to maintain their cleanliness. Home’s demand so much from their carpets, so professional carpet cleaning is the best way to maintain a good condition. The benefits of cleaning your carpets are numerous, one of them is the great feeling you get when walking on a clean carpet.

We, from Brothers Carpet Service - Newport Beach, are experienced, well-trained, and skilled, so we are able to clean every type of carpet and upholstery. We are able to handle any upholstery cleaning task in an efficient and timely manner.

Within the carpet fibers, thereĀ is mold, mites, dust, and much more. However, if you hire us to take care of the job for you, these health hazards will be eliminated. Our team comprises experts who pay great attention to every detail. We will dust the furniture, vacuum all the carpet area, remove all the tough stains, and mop the floors. For all these tasks, we use products of the highest quality that won’t cause harm to people or damage any surface.

So if you live in Newport Beach, CA and would like to take advantage of our reliable carpet or upholstery cleaning service, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you make the right decision, by answering all the questions you may have. We expect your calls at (949) 427-0305!