Professional Carpet Cleaning vs. DIY Stain Removal

Why Hire Expert Carpet Cleaners When Your Carpets Lose Their Original Glow?

Carpet cleaning is not a job for DIY enthusiasts, and we will prove this to you in this post. And when speaking about carpet cleaning, we do not mean vacuuming. Vacuuming is another thing. Of course, the more often you do it, the healthier your carpets will be. However, applying chemicals on stains and rubbing them so they can get cleaned is another business which has to be handled with professional stain and dirt extraction equipment.

Here is why expert carpet cleaners can do a better job than you:

  • DIY Carpet CleanerThey know more about different carpet fabrics and can tell which the most appropriate cleaning approach is. For example, carpets which are made out of wool, cotton, or other natural materials can easily shrink if exposed to the hot water extraction steam cleaning method. This is why, dry cleaning is a better option for them. The colors of Persian rugs, on the other hand, are better preserved when steam cleaning is performed.
  • They have powerful portable or truck mounted equipment that can successfully extract greasy stains, blood, soil, pollen and dust particles, mold and fungus spores after water damage, and many more. You name it, and they will clean it for you. For more stubborn and old stains, professional carpet cleaners offer a pre-treatment service with stronger chemicals.
  • An expert rug or carpet cleaner will use dry cleaning powder or liquid carpet cleaning detergents that are environmentally friendly. This will guarantee the health of your kids and pets that love to roll on your carpets. If the cleaned fibers are free of toxins, you can have the peace of mind you need. Common rug cleaning products that can be found in supermarkets are not only full of toxic chemicals but can also contain bleach which may damage the fibers and colors of the material which your carpets are made of.

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