Dry vs. Steam Upholstery Cleaning

Which Upholstery Cleaning Method Will Suit You Best

Furniture is made out of different materials and upholstered with even a wider variety of materials. Some of them are natural, others are synthetic. Depending on that, the type of professional upholstery cleaning that you have to book may vary.

Usually leather, cotton, silk, velvet, and natural suede furniture should better be dry cleaned. This is necessary because steam cleaning equipment used for upholstery cleaning uses chemicals which are applied into the fibers of your furniture through hot pressurized steam. When the fabric is natural, this hot steam can lead to its shrinkage. With dry chemicals, on the other hand, this can be avoided, and you can enjoy excellent cleaning results without being worried about any potential damage.

Steam upholstery cleaning should rather be used for extracting stubborn stains from synthetic fibers with the help of special solutions. This cleaning method is preferred by the majority of homeowners in Newport Beach, CA not only because they are effective but also because they are a bit more inexpensive in comparison to professional dry cleaning. However, there are still some local companies that can offer you both services at the same price. The fee, actually, depends on the cleaning products used for the service but not the equipment needed to perform it.

There are certain stain types that better be steam cleaned, if the fabric of your furniture allows it. These are pet and smoke odors, blood, ink, and, of course, food and wine spills. If you are interested to learn more about the cleaning process to be considered, you can consult the cleaning experts of Brothers Carpet Service - Newport Beach by calling us at (949) 427-0305. We are one of the leading upholstery cleaning contractors that have enough experience to know exactly what the type of cleaning that will suit your furniture better is. Call us now, and you may even have the chance to take advantage of our special deals this month!