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Not Enough Time to Call a Professional Carpet and Rug Cleaner? Part Two

Tips on Making a Carpet and Rug Cleaning Solution

As mentioned in our previous blog, this mixture can be used in a machine or scrubbed into the rug or carpet using a rag or sponge. Make sure you vacuum any residue once your rug or carpet has dried. A good recipe is to use 4 oz of all-purpose household cleaner, making sure it has no bleach, 4 oz of fabric softener, 8 oz of ammonia and 128 oz of warm water.

The aforementioned solution will not only clean your rug or carpet but soften it too. It can also be used in conjunction with a machine or scrubbed into the carpet, however, always remember to vacuum up any leftover residue once the rug or carpet has dried out properly.

So if you are looking for a professional rug cleaning service, call Brothers Carpet Service - Newport Beach at (949) 427-0305 today. We are in Newport Beach, CA.